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Barnacles, or age spots are one of the most common signs of aging, and they can begin to appear as soon as the age of 40. Sun exposure, genetics, and general aging can cause them to appear. While age spots don’t affect your health, many people who have them are bothered by their aesthetic appearance and want a solution. Common medical names for various barnacles, are seborrheic keratoses, solar lentigines, actinic keratoses, dermal nevi and dermal nodules, and sebaceous gland hypertrophy.

If you’re looking for age spot removal in Charleston or the Mount Pleasant, SC area, Dr. Thomas Funcik, MD can help. He is a double board certified surgeon with a record of excellence and high patient satisfaction.

Is a Barnaclectomy Right for Me?

A barnaclectomy is a procedure that can be performed under local anesthesia (each spot to be removed requires an injection of lidocaine using the smallest possible needle) or under sedation (generally in conjunction with another more invasive procedure.) A fine wire loop is carefully “paint-brushed” on the individual lesion with real-time feedback until the lesion is either completely gone, or until it is substantially reduced and further removal might cause a pale spot. This will remove a couple layers of the skin and improve the appearance of age spots by uncovering fresh, new skin cells.

Typically, a good candidate for barnaclectomy is fair-skinned and light-haired—although it’s also possible to get good results even if you have darker skin, depending upon the type of problem being treated. However, having darker skin does increase your chances of having an uneven skin tone after the procedure if they are not METICULOUS with sunscreen while the redness fades the first couple of months. Women, dark skinned individuals and those taking estrogen or testosterone supplements must be most careful.

Dr. Funcik will examine your skin and go through your medical history to determine if a barnaclectomy is the best option for age spot removal Mount Pleasant, SC can offer you.

Preparing for a Barnaclectomy

Please stop taking any medications that can thin the blood 10 days prior to your barnaclectomy procedure.

The morning of your barnaclectomy, we ask that you wash the area to be treated with an antibacterial soap, rinse well, and pat dry. Please don’t apply any lotion or makeup, and do not wear any jewelry.

You should eat a breakfast that contains protein the morning of your treatment, but don’t drink anything with caffeine, including soda, coffee, or tea.

You will be given lidocaine injections to numb the areas that will be treated.

Age Spot Removal Charleston

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After Your Barnaclectomy

Shortly after a barnaclectomy age spot removal in Charleston, patients may notice a tiny amount of bleeding. This is from the medicine wearing off, and is normal. Patients will need to stay out of the sun for five days post treatment.

For at-home care, patients should gently keep the treated area clean, open, and moist. Starting the day after surgery, wash the treated area in the morning and at night using a simple soap. Rinse the areas well, and gently pat dry. At least five times each day, apply a thick layer of Vaseline or Aquaphor and re-apply it as often as necessary. You should always have ointment on the area.

Avoid using Neosporin or Triple Antibiotic, and don’t allow a scab to form. Do not pick at the treated area.

Barnaclectomy Results

The fresh new pink skin will fade and return to its normal color in 3-6 months. During this time you should avoid sun exposure in order to prevent your skin from darkening. Be warned: even one day in the sun can cause problems, so it’s best to not risk it.

Age Spot Removal Charleston

Why Work with Dr. Thomas Funcik?

Dr. Funcik is the ideal doctor for your Charleston age spot removal treatment. As a double board certified surgeon, he is incredibly skilled and attentive with the needs of his patients. With Dr. Funcik, you are in great hands, and will be well on your way to having the skin you want.

We will take great care of you during your barnaclectomy, and we will make your visit with us as comfortable as possible!

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