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As we age, the corners of the mouth turn downward, creating a sad or angry appearance. Our Chartleston oral commissure, or a “corner lip lift”, is an easy, simple procedure that can truly restore your pleasant countenance. This is a very powerful and effective technique which, when combined with Botox and filler for frown lines, can turn your severe or unhappy-looking expression into a much more pleasant one.

Patients love this treatment because it’s long-lasting, and it only requires about a week of recovery time.

Oral Commissure Chartleston

How the Oral Commissure Treatment Works

In a youthful, pleasant face, the line between the upper and lower lips is a rather remarkably straight line. But aging tends to take this away and pull the corners of the mouth down.

In a 20-minute procedure under local anesthesia (less needle pricks than a Botox injection), three or four sutures at the corner of the mouth can correct this.

We will make incisions precisely on the edge of the upper outer edges of the lip, and then a small, triangular area of skin is carefully and gently removed at the corner of the mouth. Once sutures are in place, the result will be a slight upturning of the lips, which leads to a more youthful, less severe appearance.

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Will I have Scars?

You may be worried that a surgery around the mouth will leave noticeable scars. This is totally understandable, but you don’t need to worry.

While every incision leaves a scar, the scar from our oral commissure in Mount Pleasant, SC tends to heal most inconspicuously, especially in those with preexisting wrinkles. However, it’s good to note that occasionally an injection with Restylane is required to minimize a small indentation. Those who have received a lip lift in Mount Pleasant, SC from us have been very pleased to see that the scars become nearly invisible after a month.

During Recovery

While you’re recovering from the oral commissure treatment, it’s important to be mindful of the incisions. Try not to laugh, smile excessively, and avoid yawning. We recommend a liquid or soft diet, with food cut into small pieces.

Who Gets Oral Commissure Surgery?

The best candidates for oral commissure surgery are adults who are bothered by the corners of their mouth being pulled down by age. If you feel that you have a sad or angry look all the time due to your mouth corners, oral commissure may be just the treatment you’re looking for.

Many patients who choose oral commissure surgery are those who had a great smile in their younger years, and want to get it back. Oral commissure surgery is also ideal for those who want a youthful change, and are looking for something more subtle than a full facelift.

Put Your Smile in Good Hands

At the office of Dr. Funcik, you are in great hands. Dr. Funcik is a double board-certified surgeon in head and neck surgery, and he specializes exclusively in the face, having performed over 10,000 facial surgeries. If you feel that a Charleston oral commissure treatment is right for you, please contact our office and we will be happy to discuss it with you. As medical professionals in the area of oral commissure in Mount Pleasant, SC, we can answer any questions you have!

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